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George and Elizabeth Tweddell
This is a hub for the work of George Markham Tweddell and his wife Elizabeth Tweddell (AKA Florence Cleveland).


Paul Tweddell in Rose Cottage Stokesley

This site dedicated to the memory of  Paul Markham Tweddell, who in 2005, became a valued friend and associate and unstinting in his dedication to recording and researching the history of his ancestors of  'modest fame' as he termed it.
Trev Teasdel

Notes For those visiting via Coastal view and Moor's News re- Holly Bush's article (page 33) on Captain Cook and the proposed pyramid on Roseberry Topping - The original article is here

George Markham Tweddell - 1823 - 1903 was born in Stokesley on 20th March 1823 , North Yorkshire, and claimed he was the son of a Royal Navy Lieutenant, George Markham, who had been born in 1797 in the Rectory, Stokesley. His father, another George Markham (1763-1822), was the Rector of Stokesley, whilst also holding the post of Dean of York, and his grandfather was Archbishop Markham (1719-1807), famed for saving the walls of York from demolition in the first decade of the nineteenth century with the help of the author Walter Scott.

George's full history can be read on the Tweddell History site - here -

About George Markham Tweddell -

  • Editor of Radical Newspaper - campaigning against the Corn Laws, Slavery and many other issues of the day.
  • A printer, publisher and author of many books including Bards and Authors of Cleveland and South Durham, Shakespeare and his Times and Contemporaries, History of Stockton and Darlington Railway, and many more.
  • A prolific, wide ranging and well published poet - world wide, in papers, magazines and anthologies and his own books - and more recently has a collected poetic works published recently by Paul Tweddell and myself Trev Teasdel - with pdfs posted on this site.
  • The author of The People's History of Cleveland.
  • A prominent member of  the Cleveland Lodge of Freemasons / Odd fellows who published his own 100 Masonic Poems in sonnet form.
  • A preserver of the Cleveland dialect.
  • A Chartist who had poems published in their paper - Northern Star along side those of Ebenezer Elliot - the Poor Law Rhymer whom Tweddell corresponded with and had poetical exchanges with.
  • And much much more!
Elizabeth Tweddell (Aka Florence Cleveland)
Elizabeth Tweddell was the daughter of Thomas Cole (1787-1867) who was 34 years parish clerk of Stokesley in North Yorkshire and renowned for being the last person to toll the town's curfew bell. She was the wife of George Markham Tweddell and became a respected dialect poet herself under the pen name of Florence Cleveland. Her book - Rhymes and Sketches to illustrate the Cleveland Dialect - 1875 is still popular in the local area and recently a Stockton on Tees folk duo Megson achieved national notoriety with write ups in the Guardian, Independent with an album of songs whose title song - Take Yourself a Wife - was based on one of her dialect poems - listen below.

And on their second album Megson put music to Elizabeth Tweddell's dialect poem 'Twaa Match Lads' called here Two match Lads.

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