Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tweddell's North of England Tractates

This is a list of George Markham Tweddell's  North of England Tractates. As I put the tractates on, either themselves or as part of the Tweddell poetry collection - I will provide a direct link here.

Direct links to individual Tractates on this blog
(more to come soon)

1. Poems or stories in dialect by Florence Cleveland (aka Elizabeth Tweddell) from Tractates No 3 and No 13 can be found the full book by Florence Cleveland - Rhymes and Sketches in the Cleveland Dialect here
(you can download the book free from this post) via Google Drive (Docs)

2. All poems by George Markham Tweddell from the Tractates can be found on here in the Collected poems by George Markham Tweddell and can be read on line or downloaded free as pdf files.

These include Tractates No 7 / 10 / 32 / 35 / 36
Also all Tweddell's Cleveland poems are currently being uploaded to this blogspot so they are all in one place.

3. Tractate No11 - Poetry of Toil by Angus Mcpherson can be found here with additional material

4. Tractate No 31 on Stokesley is here

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