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Yorkshire Worthies - John Ryley Robinson (Poem - Tweddell Tractates No 5)

Yorkshire Worthies - 
Poem by John Ryley Robinson LLD 
Published 1869 by George Markham Tweddell in Tweddell's North of England Tractates No5

John Ryley Robinson from Tweddell's Bards & Authors of Cleveland 1872
This poem was in George Markham Tweddell's Tractates No 5 from the Tweddell family collection. John Riley Robinson reveals the extent of poets and writers of Yorkshire in 19th Century - many from the Cleveland area which Tweddell wrote about in Bards and Authors of Cleveland and South Durham 1872.

An interesting inclusion is George Ripley - It's only a passing mention in a pantheon of wrtiers but in light of the discussion of Tweddell's Emblematic poems (see discussion in my essay on Tweddell's poems here - especially the end section on symbolism and emblematic poetry.

George Ripley "was at some time 'Canon of Bridlington'. He spent his later years as an anchorite near Boston (Yorkshire). he studied in Italy for twenty years. He returned to England in 1477 and wrote his work The Compound of Alchymy; or, the Twelve Gates leading to the Discovery of the Philosopher's Stone (Liber Duodecim Portarum), dedicated to King Edward IV and highly appreciated by him. The Cantilena Riplaei is one of the very first poetic composition on the subject of alchemy. His twenty-five volume work upon alchemy, of which the Liber Duodecim Portarum was the most important, brought him considerable fame."

Link Below talks about Ripley's use of emblems and symbols in his work and alchemical poems.
He was renowned as an alchemist and author of alchemical works in rhyme, and his verses are used on most of the scrolls. Alchemical scrolls are rare and there are only 16 in the UK

More on George Ripley and his Alchemy here

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