Monday, April 22, 2013

The Trial and Troubles of a Tourist - John Reed Appleton 1869

This is from Tweddell's North of England Tractates No3 1869

John Reed Appleton has been written about in depth by George Markham Tweddell - they were walking companions and both active poets. There is a chapter in Tweddell's Bards and Authors of Cleveland and South Durham 1972 - the original book can be download free from this site

This Tractate contains some poems dedicated to John Reed Appleton by another poet Tweddell both published and wrote about in the Tractates and Bards and Authors - John Riley Robinson and a preface by Tweddell himself. It features a humourous parody of  Hood's powerful poems The Song of the Shirt and The Lay of the Labourer. Appleton's parody is called The Trials and Tribulations of a Tourist.

The River Tees at High Force

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