Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tweddell Poetry Hub (New)

Paul Tweddell and I collected together all of George Markham Tweddell's together from his books, world wide 19thC newspapers, periodicals, books and his unpublished manuscript books and published them on line as  free PDF files.

His was far more prolific than anyone realised before and seeing the full extent in the collection with poems on so many themes, his beloved Cleveland, history, politics, religion, Freemasonry, family, nature and life itself, it was obvious we needed a re-appraisal of his poetic works. To get the ball rolling i wrote an introduction called A Poet's View looking at the differing styles, themes and exploring his position in the lineage of radical poets like Ebenezer Elliot, Wither etc and the emblematic / symbolic aspects of his work.

Apart from the downloadable full collect of poems in two main PDF's and the Intro and index and Paul's history of GMT, I've created some special collections on a series of blogspots. I've brought together all his Masonic poems / all his Cleveland (UK) poems (useful for the local history researcher) / his full collection of Sonnets of Flowers and Trees (which - following Wither ( major English Emblem poet) are both of nature and symbolic. More special collections will be linked on this poetry hub - his many wider historic and political poems for example. A huge resource.

Just follow the link about to find all the pages / links to his poetry on line. (Still work to do on it mind!)

Trev Teasdel

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