Tweddell Collection Teesside Archives

Thanks to Paul Tweddell, the entire Tweddell family archives (or the Tweddell Collection) are now in Teesside Archives, Middlesbrough. These works include material that was already situated in Middlesbrough Central library and several uncatorgorised boxes found in the library.

Paul's great wish was to facilitate and encourage fresh research into the life and work of his ancestor - George Markham Tweddell and his wife Elizabeth (Florence Cleveland).

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Elizabeth and George Markham Tweddell

U/TW/1      BOOKS Printed or/and published by Tweddells, including MS BOOKS
U/TW/2      BOOKS Owned by the Tweddell couple but published by others
U/TW/5      CORRESPONDENCE (see also Newspapers)
It is thought that the original Tweddell Collection, created by William Lillie, Chief librarian of Middlesbrough Library from 1926, was broken up during changes in local government during 1973/74. As a result documents were lodged with the new ‘Cleveland Archives’ – now called Teesside Archives – and books retained in Middlesbrough Central Local History Library. This is the current situation and is reflected in this catalogue of the Collection.

Mixed letters and numbers in the first column signify copies in Middlesbrough library local history collection. All other copies U/TW can be found in Teesside Archives.

Fourth version  19th November 2007

U/TW/1        BOOKS Printed or/and published by Tweddells, including M/SS

U/TW/1/1            Rhymes a M/S compendium of Geo M. Tweddell’s poems, some published elsewhere
U/TW/1/2            Sonnets on Trees and Flowers, etc. a M/S compendium of Geo M. Tweddell’s poems,
                          some published elsewhere and written throughout his life
U/TW/1/3            My First Grandchild, poem by Geo M. Tweddell (copy, original in private hands)
U/TW/1/4            Tweddell’s Yorkshire Miscellany, January 1845 pp. 81–126
                          Loose pages, pp. 151–154 only; Also:
                            A few words with the editor of the Durham Chronicle in answer to
                            malignant slanders, forged sentences and  abominable falsehoods which
                            have lately appeared in that paper, under the mask of “Reviews”. (July
                            1843 and stitched up with No. V of Tweddell’s Yorkshire Miscellany
C828                  Tweddell’s Yorkshire Miscellany George Tweddell (1845); annotated by
                            the author.
                          Inserts on opening flyleaves:
                            Our Sexton poem by Rev. E.G.Charlesworth
                            Longevity, a request for information
                            The Loss of the Susannah, poem & article by Geo. Tweddell
                            Tame Bridge; Hawthorn poem by G. Tweddell
                            Captain Hornby, an article; Rosebury Topping, poem by Geo Tweddell
                          Insert, p. 4/5 & p. 6-7:
                            Death of “January Searle” (George Phillips), an article 1889
                          Insert, p. 9:
                            Autumn Leaves, an article; poem by John Critchley Prince 1856
                          Insert p. 12: The Stocks and Stokesley Toll Booth, an article
                          Insert p. 400: Canon Wright, an article
                          Insert end flyleaf: The burning of Admiral Byng, an article
                          Also bound with A Few Words with the Editor of the Durham Chronicle in
                           answer to the Malignant Slanders, Forged Sentences and Abominable
                          Falsehoods which has appeared in that Paper (1845)
                            Insert p. 1: Auction at Stokesley of the Manor of Stokesley
                            Insert p. 3: The Kildale Legend, an article by Geo. M. Tweddell
 U/TW/1/6           Tweddell’s Yorkshire Miscellany (1845) (Geo M. Tweddell’s own copy)
                            with author’s annotations & contributors’ names added
                          Inserts flyleaves:
                            Freemason’s Magazine & Masonic Mirror, London
                            13.02.1864, notice of Frederica Haviside’s will
                            Request for subscribers for a 2nd volume & planned entries
                            Insert p. 16: Letter from J.W. Ord 03.04.[18]44
                            On p. 41: Annotation quoting opinion of John Critchley Prince 20.10.1844
                            Insert p 58: Letter from J.T. Cleaver 28.08.1844 & comments by J.C. Prince
                            Insert p. 120: Letter from J. W. Ord 06.03.1845
                            Insert p. 124: Letter from J. W. Ord, no date
                            Insert p.306: Letter from Grace Aguilar, 25,11.1845

U/TW/1/7            The Oddfellows’ Reciter and Fireside Companion, ed. George Markham
                               Tweddell (1852)
U/TW/1/8            Shakspere: his times and contemporaries by George Tweddell (1852),
                               Published by Geo. Kershaw, London
LRE 942             Visitor’s Hand-book to Redcar, Cotham and Saltburn-by-the-Sea
                               2nd edition (1863) 2nd copy
U/TW/1/9            Visitor’s Hand-book to Redcar, Cotham and Saltburn-by-the-Sea 2nd ed.
Listed MPLib      North of England Tractates (1868-1890), complete.
Listed MPLib      North of England Tractates No. 2 Prince Oswy (1868) second printing       
C052                   Tweddell’s Middlesbrough Miscellany of Literature and Advertisements
                               1870 [Bound book titled Local Serials and is bound also with The People’s History of Cleveland and The Lantern, 1895]
C942                   The People’ History of Cleveland and its Vicinage  (1872), G. M. Tweddell
                               Vols. I-IV (multiple sets)
U/TW/1/13          North of England Tractates No. 1 reprint Cleveland A Poem in Blank Verse,
                               John Reed Appleton (1875)
U/TW/1/14          Testimonial to George Markham Tweddell - Purse of Gold (c.1877) (Copy;
                               original in private hands)
U/TW/1/15          Castillo’s Dialect Poems  ed. Geo. M. Tweddell (1878) in Cleveland dialect
U/TW/1/16          Bards and Authors (1872) Full set in 12 parts; one extra copy of No. 1 & 2
C1 928                Bards and Authors (Full set 12 copies) In separate parts:
                               Part 1 & 2 (2 copies each), Part 7 (Re-Issue)
                   Part 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 (1 copy each)
U/TW/1/18          Bards and Authors (1872) Author’s copy
                            Inserts flyleaves:
                               Poem The late Professor Phillips by Geo. M. Tweddell
                               Newspaper cutting 20.03.1903, notice of Geo M. Tweddell’s 80th
                                 birthday (no name of newspaper)
Uncoded MPLib  Bards and Authors (1872) another copy with cuttings added: (in Library)
C 942                  The People’s History of Cleveland and its Vicinage (1872), G. M. Tweddell
U/TW/1/21          A Hundred Masonic Sonnets by G. M. Tweddell (1887)
U/TW/1/22          A Memoir of John Jackson of Rudby School with the Cleveland 60 miles
                             Foxchase, George M. Tweddell (1888?) & North of England Tractate
                            #1 (1868) Sonnet to G. M. Tweddell by John Reed Appleton
U/TW/1/23          Notes for a Markham family History (M/S)
Y828                   Rhymes to Illustrate the North York Dialect Florence Cleveland (1869)
C823                   Stockton and Middlesbrough: A Story for Boys anent the Proposed Tees
                               Bridge Mrs G. M. Tweddell 1871
U/TW/1/26          Rhymes and Sketches (1875), 1st edition
U/TW/1/27          Rhymes and Sketches (1892), 2nd edition
U/TW/1/28          Tweddell’s North of England Illustrated Annual for 1879-80 eds. Mr & Mrs Geo. M. Tweddell
U/TW/1/29          Tweddell’s North of England Illustrated Annual for 1881-82 eds. Mr & Mrs
                               Geo. M. Tweddell
U/TW/1/30          The Great American Poem: King Solomon’s Temple (1870) by
                               Bro. Augustine J. H. Duganne, published by Tweddell & Sons
U/TW/2          BOOKS: Owned by the Tweddell couple but published by others
U/TW/2/1   Eminent and Popular Men (the chapter about John Walker Ord, pp.141-164)
U/TW/2/2   George Allan (1847) Historical and Descriptive view of the City of Durham and
                     its Environs
U/TW/2/3   Thomas Jennet Roseberry Topping: a poem (1847), published Jennet & Co
                     Stockton with genealogical notes added by Geo M. Tweddell
U/TW/2/4   Goldsmith’s History of England abridged by himself, to which is added
                     A continuation to the present time by Geo Tweddell (1848), published by
                     W, Brittain, London
U/TW/2/5   Poems of William Cowper (1824), published Limbird, London
U/TW/2/6   Pet Moments (1877) (Provost & Co., London),
                     a gift to Geo M.Tweddell from the author and includes three
                     cuttings about the author’s freemasonry status
U/TW/2/7   The Slave Girl: in Five Cantos  (1848) by Frederick N. Dyer
                     (Houlston & Stoneman, London & George Falkner, Manchester)
                     One of former Manchester M.P. Mark Philips’ two subscribed copies given to
                     Geo M. Tweddell & then given to the latter’s daughter, Eliza Ann  23.02.1869
U/TW/2/8   Songs and Sketches in Broad Yorkshire 1877 W.H. Burnett including works by
                     G. M. Tweddell and Elizabeth Tweddell
U/TW/2/9   Songs and Sketches in Broad Yorkshire 1877 W.H. Burnett including
                     G.M. Tweddell and Elizabeth Tweddell, With a personal dedication by
                     the author to Mrs G M Tweddell
U/TW/2/10 Yorkshire Poets past and present Vol. II, No. 5, May 1889. Contributions by
                     Mr G. M. & Mrs E. Tweddell; published by Dr Foreshaw (Bradford)
U/TW/2/11 Eawr Bessy and other Poems by R. R. Bealey, 2nd edition, published by
                     Tubbs & Brook, Manchester
U/TW/2/12 England in the Sixteenth Century or A History of the House of Tudor
                     Published (1841) by the Religious Tract Society, London
U/TW/2/13 The Poetical Works of Alexander Pope, Esq. with an account of the life and
                     Writings of the Author published (no date) by Thos Allman, London
U/TW/2/14 A Selection from the Works of Alfred Tennyson published (1865) by
                     Edward Moxon & Co., London
U/TW/2/15 Modern Yorkshire Poets by William Andrews, published (1885) by A.Brown of
                     Hull & Simpkin, Marshall & Co of London. Both Tweddells receive a short
U/TW/2/16 Wild Flowers or The Produce of Uncultivated Genius by Elizabeth Georgina Ayre
                     published (1842) by Simpkin, Marshall & Co., London and W. Braithwaite,
                     Stokesley. There is note on 12.04.1843 from the author to Miss E. Cole, who
                     was to become Mrs G. M. Tweddell on 01.01.1844
U/TW/2/17 History of the Markhams (1854) Revd D.F.Markham, including portraits of wife of Dean Markham (with autograph) &  Mrs Haviside (née Markham)
U/TW/3/1     Cleveland Reporter and Stokesley Advertiser
                            Vol. II, No. 13, 01.01.1844
                            Vol. II, No. 15. 01.03.1844 pp. 128 & 129
                            Vol. II, No. 16, 01.01.1844
                            Vol. II, No. 17, 01.05.1844
                            Vol. II, No. 19, 01.07.1844
                            Vol. II, No. 21, 01.09.1844
                            Vol. III, No. 1, 01.01.1845 pp. 1-6
                            Vol. III, No. 2, 01.02.1845
                            Vol. III, No. 8, 01.08.1845 pp. 57 & 58
                            Vol. III, No. 9, 01.09.1845 pp. 65 – 70
                            Vol. III, No. 11, 01.11.1845 pp. 73 – 76
                            Vol. III, No. 12, 01.12.1846 pp. 83 & 84
CO52           Stokesley News, and Cleveland Reporter [Two Sets]
U/TW/3/3-1  Two different obituaries (original of 2nd, in private hands) newspapers unknown
U/TW/3/3-2  Cuttings; Yorkshire Dialect, Barnsley 31.01.1918; People I have known XXI,
                            Geo M. Tweddell, 11.03.1922 Newcastle Weekly Chronicle & XXII,
                            Mrs G. M. Tweddell 18.03.1922;                                             
                   Letter to Editor of the “Gazette” from C. W. Hall Stokesley  re-Tees Bridge, 1934
U/TW/3/3-3  Letter from Wm Lille to North-Eastern Gazette (1926+); request for
                            material for a ‘Tweddell Collection’
U/TW/3/4     STOCKTON cuttings: historical & literature (including an index)
U/TW/3/5     MIDDLESBROUGH cuttings: historical & literature
Boxed in MPLib  The People’s History of Cleveland, multiple sets c. x3: boxed in Library
U/TW/4/2            The People’s History of Cleveland (in separate parts: I-IV)
U/TW/4/3            Tweddell’s Notes for his proposed History of Cleveland (B.C.390-
                               A.D.1131) chronologically arranged including notes on Cleveland
U/TW/4/4            Tweddell’s Notes for his proposed History of Cleveland (A.D. 1300-1499)
U/TW/4/5            Tweddell’s Notes for his proposed History of Cleveland (A.D. 1500-1599)
U/TW/4/6            Tweddell’s Notes for his proposed History of Cleveland (A.D. 1600-1699)
U/TW/4/7            Tweddell’s Notes for his proposed History of Cleveland (A.D. 1700-1749)
U/TW/4/8            Tweddell’s Notes for his proposed History of Cleveland (A.D. 1807-1897)
U/TW/4/9            Tweddell’s Notes for his proposed History of Cleveland Flyer with Press
U/TW/4/10          Comments & Wills (transcriptions);
                            1. A portion of Christopher Coulson
                            2. (in Latin) Robert Pursglove of Guisborough, priest
                            3. Colville family of Arncliffe & Mauleveren of Potter Newton
                               & Arncliffe
                            4. Cleveland Friendly Society, 1722, rules & lists of members
                            5. Bibliographic list of sources
U/TW/4/11          Notes [for] a History of Cleveland and Vicinity (in black ink)
                            In blue ink; the accounts of John Boyes Tweddell with Geo. M.Tweddell’s
                            notes for book on Isaac Walton
                            Note book of items for a History of Cleveland with index         
U/TW/4/12          History of Cleveland including article by John W Ord
U/TW/4/13          Notes, local history to places and people in alphabetic order & index to
                            places and subjects in Ord’s History of Cleveland, Young’s History of
                            Whitby, Tweddell’s Redcar Guide, Ord’s Rural Sketches, Ord’s Bards,
                            Ord’s England, Pierson’s Rosebury Topping, John Stevenson’s Poems:
                            /13-1 A to B
                            /13-2 C to F
                            /13-3 G to K
                            /13-4 L to M
                            /13-5 N to S
                            /13-6 T to Y
                            13-7 Index
U/TW/4/14          Notes concerning Superstitions
U/TW/4/15          Notes concerning American Bacon (Reverse: letter about Monthly meeting
                            of Society of Friends, North Shields 08.09.1875)
U/TW/4/16          Notes concerning Racking Prisoners
U/TW/4/17          Essay on A Peaceful Victory & p. 20 & p. 31 of Hawkshead
U/TW/4/18          Play: Sword Dancers’ Play M/S (incomplete)
U/TW/4/19          Notes about Geo. M. Tweddell’s Markham forbears
U/TW/4/20          Notes about recent vital statistic of Tweddell family up to 1875
U/TW/5       CORRESPONDENCE (see also Newspapers)
U/TW/5/1     John Gilbert Baker, Botanist & Geologist with brochure advertising his book
                        Botany, Geology, Climate and Physical Geography of North Yorkshire with
                        correspondence and biography (originally kept with Robert Temple Collection)
U/TW/5/2    Letters, notes for local history collected by Robert Temple Esq. of High
                        Street, Stokesley in the mid-1830s:
                        1. Numbered documents:
                            No. 2. Extract from Dr Bathurst’s will
                            No. 3. Easby etc, George Bowes’ will
                            No. 4. Guisbrough & Wilton, parish registers statistics
                            No. 5. Potto, details of parish sent 25.11.1837 by James Wilton
                                 to Robert Temple
                            No. 8. Worsall,  details of the church sent from Worsall Hall,
                                 27.03.1837 to Robert Temple
                            No. 10. The Bathurst Family sent by Mr C. F. Hutchinson of
                                 Stockton, 08.02.1837
                            No. 12. Hinderwell,
                            No. 13. Newton Mulgrave
                            No. 16. Stokesley
                            No. 17. Upleatham & Redcar from Redcar 24.10.1836 to Robert Temple
                            No. 18. Col. Hildyard’s coat of Arms, Manor of Stokesley
                            No. 19. Stokesley, parish church register statistics for 1836 from Thos
                                 Cole, ph clerk [becoming Geo. Markham Tweddell’s father-in-law]
                            No. 20. Guisbrough, churchyard
                            No. 21. Charles Bathurst 1732
                            No. 23. Stainton & Guisbrough, with reference to MSS Bodlian Library
                                 Oxford, No. 5101
                            No. 28. Letter from Mr Mewburn of Darlington 09.02.1838 to
                                 Robert Temple; mentions recipient’s hope to write a history
                            No. 30. Guisbro. Concerning the parish church, from John[?]
                                 Small of Guisbrough to Robert Temple
                            No. 31. Hints for Guisbrough from Mr Clarke
                            No. 34. Origin of “Yule”
                            No. 35 The Hills in Cleveland from Mr Michael Jeffels[?] of
                                 Darlington 01.09.1836 to Robert Temple
                            No. 36. Faceby from Mr Sutton of Elton, 20.02.1838, sent to
                                 Robert Temple.
                            No. 37. Guisborough, from entry in Baines’ Directory of N. Yorkshire
                            No. 39. Guisborough Priory, poem by George Lowe
                        2. Unnumbered documents:
                            Lythe and Hinderwell, accident at Lord Mulgraves alum manufactory and
                                 the storm on 7th January 1830
                            Wilton & Hilton, death of woman 112 year old, Jany 1802 and accident
                                 1807 at Staithes
                            Handale Abbey, reference in Bodlian Library, No. 4141
                            Stockton, Chapellerie of Norton, extract from Notita Parochialis
                            Letter from Mr Geo. Brigham 19.09.1836 re libraries in Cleveland, sent to
                                 Robert Temple
                            Graves Authorities, listed
                            Guisbro’ Abbey (& advert for the Grammar school)
                            Cleveland references in Bodlian Library, Oxford
                            Arms & family history of the Pennyman’s of Ormsby
                            The Hildyard history, a letter from Robert Hilyard of Stokesley, sent to
                                 Robert Temple
                            Hutton Rudby, reference to the manor of Hoton juxta Rudby
                            Acklam, answers to questions not stated.
                            Lother of Swillington, family information
                            Pennyman family of Ormsby, Marsk and Stokesley with an account of
                                 Whitby Abbey
                            Barnby Hill (Badon hill), history notes sent to Robert Temple
                            Badon Hill
                            Brotton, fine levied on Ralph Sexton after the Great Rebellion
                            Handall Abbey
                            Sir David Foulis, Scutterskelf, Wilton, Kirkleatham & Gisbro’,
                            Various historical references from H. J. Todd of Stittingham, sent
                                   14.01.1837 to Robert Temple
                            A letter form Ven. T. J. Todd to Robert Temple supporting the latter’s
                            A letter from Ven. T. J. Todd to Robert Temple offering sources of church
                                   benefices in Cleveland, mentioning Collections relating to Benefices
                                   in the Archdy of Cleveland and references to M/SS in The British
                            Great Moorsholme from William Porritt of Moorsholm, 27.03.1838 to Mr
                                   William Braithwaite, Stationer of Commercial Row, Stokesley
                            Maidens of Cleveland, the will of Robert Morley of London
                            Westerdale and John Stokesley
                            Seamer re Dr Walton from H. J. T[odd]
                            Cleveland in general
                            Cleveland curates
                            Books to be consulted for History of Cleveland
                            Stokesley, Bodlian Library reference No. 5078
                            Stokesley, parish church register statistics 18th & 19th Centuries
                            Stokesley, minerals found in vicinity
                            Cleveland ancient customs
                            Ingleby parish register statistics 1829-1835, sent to Robert Temple
                            Moorsholm parish information from Wm Porritt to Wm Braithwaite
                            Letter from Mr [Geo.] Brigham of Windy Hill 21.09.1836 to Robert
                                   Temple re legends
                            Miscellaneous Extracts (from texts)
U/TW/5/3    -1 To the Editor of Yorkshire Miscellany, 09.04.1845) from T. J. Cleaver
                        (“Keep my name out until opinion proves favourable”!) Penny post.
                   -2-From John Walker Ord to Geo. M. Tweddell
                   -3Letter from John Castillo to Peter Humble, 11.01.1844  UNCODED in library
                   -4 Letter 18.04.1857 from Charles Swain to Geo. M. Tweddell (Copy, original in
                        private hands)
                   Letter 20.10.1871 from C. Swain to Geo M. Tweddell (Copy, original in private
                   -5 Letter 29.11.1891 from G. M. Tweddell to his son Geo. Tweddell [jun], including
                        Genealogical information and infirmities
U/TW/6/1   Geo M. Tweddell, taken at J. Waller’s Pier Portrait Rooms, Whitby (probably taken
                        by son Oliver Louis Tweddell, Waller’s apprentice
                 Elizabeth Tweddell and Annie Hodgson (granddaughter) in fields, Stokesley
                        (copy, the original in private hands)                                             
                 Geo. M. Tweddell’s certificate from the Royal Old North Germanic Language
                        Society, Copenhagen  (copy) 1867, and transcription of the text

Other material is to be found in the Reference dept of Northallerton Library - North Yorkshire ( particularly in the Pratt Collection (you will have to ask to view the contents).

The Pratt Collection comprises all the books produce by William Pratt and Sons in Stokesley from c 1800 to c 1860 with additional books printed and published by other Stokesley printer/ publishers including Tweddell. 
Here is a list of the Pratt Collection contents. Here is a list of the contents on pdf