Tweddell's Books & Publications

This page will list Tweddell's books and publications. They have all been out of print and copyright a long while, only available in local (North Yorkshire) and University libraries or at great expense from antiquarian bookshops.

Newspapers and Periodicals by George Markham Tweddell

Cleveland Reporter and Stokesley Advertiser - 1844-5 - A Stokesley (N. Yorks) radical newspaper- anti-corn law -anti-slavery etc and local news / ads and poetry. (George often contributed as Peter Proletarius / Georgius etc.). These are available to view in Teesside archives - list and details here

Tweddell's Yorkshire Miscellany c 1845 / 46
A periodic Literary magazine of local and national poets and writers and articles of interest.
Excerpts available on this site and full copies in Northallerton reference library and Teesside archives - link to material as above. 11 Nos.

Tweddell's North of England Tractates - Another later literary magazine of small 'treatises' again available in Northallerton Reference library and Teesside Archives - link to material above. With some extracts on this site.

The People’s History of Cleveland and its Vicinage (1872), An unfinished series published in monthly editions and much praises by historian Asa Briggs. Available via Teesside Archives - see list on link above.
4 parts

Tweddell’s North of England Illustrated Annual for 1881-82 eds
Another literary project with some extracts on this site and available via Teesside Archives (see link to list above and also in Northallerton reference library.

Tweddell's Collected Poems
Tweddell had many poems published in Newspapers and Journals around the world as well as in his many books. Paul Tweddell and Trev Teasdel (myself) collected all we could find, and there are many and a fine and varied collection (see the poetry section for more details on the nature of the poems) They are available here for free down load  -
George Markham Tweddell's Collected Poems Volume 1 and 2 combined on PDF (on this site)

And Volume 3 here (also on this site)

From these collected works I've made individual collections available as separate blogspots -
Sonnets of Flowers and Trees The sonnets are also emblematic.
100 Masonic Poems 
This collection was published as a book originally
(More to follow)

There is an introduction with the first volumes written by Trev Teasdel (click link - it's on this site) and a history by Paul Tweddell. The poems were either from unpublished note books or from many newspapers, local regional and international or journals and magazine world wide, including many Masonic journals, the Chartist Northern Star and more. The poems contain local cleveland themes, national writers and political figures of the day, family and life issues, masonic themes, floweres, trees and birds, radical poems.

Books By George Markham Tweddell

The Bards and Authors of Cleveland and South Durham
A fantastic work of woodcuts and biographies of North Yorkshires and South Durhams many poets and authors from 500 AD to the 1900's with extracts from their work and poetry. This download of the original book may take longer as its on the Tweddell site rather than a Google down load - it just takes longer therefore so be patient but a great book long out of print.

Visitor’s Hand-book to Redcar, Cotham and Saltburn-by-the-Sea
This book which gives the ancient history and with literary quotes and a poem by Tweddell on Redcar can be downloaded free via Google books on this link here.

Download or view the book free from Google books by clicking this link. The download is the original book but the book has also been republished as it is now on some US University book lists - you can find a new version via Google. "Since the most that is known of the personal history of Shakespeare is trifling. let us carefully study the history of the period in which he lived.Peter Proletarius

Poems in the North Yorkshire dialect 1 edition By John Castillo- published by Geo Tweddell
John Castillo was known as the Bard of the Dales, of Irish decent but grew up in Lealholm on the North Yorkshire Moors, where he was a stone waller, and Methodist priest and made a huge reputation regionally as the Bard of the Dales. Castillo was well published and Tweddell republished his poems in dialect after Castillo's death.

The history of the Stockton and Darlington Railway and its various branches
This (the original book) also can be downloaded free from Google books 

Tales, poems and Masonic papers. 
With a biographical sketch of the author by George Markham Tweddell.
Published 1877 by Tweddell in Stokesley .

The history and antiquities of Furness / by George Markham Tweddell. / Joseph Richardson 1880.
GMT was published in many anthologies too some of which are referred to if you look at the Tweddell archives page on this site.

Tweddell's North of England Annual - 1878 / 1879/80 1881-2

Poems in the North Yorkshire Dialect - John Castillo - printed and edited by GM Tweddell Middlesbrough 1878

The Youth's Story-Teller; a collection of moral and interesting tales ... for the use of young people. Edited by G. Tweddell. With illustrations. Published by W. Brittain, 1848
Length 216 pages - Written anonymously in his youth ("which enriched, it is said) a dishonest bookseller").

An appeal to the Members of the Stokesley Mechanics Institute - 12 page pamphlet printed for Tweddell in Middlesbrough by Joseph Richardson in 1850. Tweddell had been excluded, being too outspoken for the local nabobs.

King Solomon's Temple - An American Masonic poem - 10 pages reprinted 1870

Tracts for Professing Christians 8 pages anonymous

A Few Words about Lemons 1888

Paul Tweddell has written a brilliant Family History of the Tweddell family including a sizable section of George Markham Tweddell and Elizabeth Tweddell. Sadly Paul has passed away and his wife Sandra is currently finishing off and preparing the book for publication. The working title is Poor lives, but full of Honour.

Copies of collected poems volume 1 and 2 are to be found in the reference libraries of the Teesvalley and North Yorkshire.

Publications by Elizabeth Tweddell AKA Florence Cleveland. Rhymes and Sketches to Illustrate the Cleveland Dialect. A very popular book in its time and remains popular today.