Tweddell Trail

Paul Markham Tweddell takes us on a tour of the Tweddell Trail in Stokesley. As you know from other posts on this site, George Markham Tweddell (1823 - 1903) was born in Stokesley and although he moved away, living and working in the Lancashire town of Bury and then Middelsbrough, he and his family spent a good portion of their lives in Stokesley, North Yorkshire.

In 2009, Paul Tweddell gave me a guided tour of Stokesley, outlining the important places relating to the history of his great, great, great grandad - George Markham Tweddell - the Chartist, poet, author, printer publisher, people's historian and much more. And so we decided to film the tour for posterity with the help of local photographer, Brian Stubley. At the time Paul wasn't well and found it stressful to give a live commentary on the footage. This wasn't helped by the sound of the traffic and wind, so we decided to continue filming with out the commentary and to do a vice over later. Sadly we never got the voice over completed before passed away in 2010.

So this video is as it is and shows the main places on the Tweddell Trail with some commentary from Paul at the start of the film. Luckily, Paul has put a lot of the information into a family history book and the Tweddell webside, so below the video i will add photos and commentary.
Trevor Teasdel.

The Tweddell Trail from Brian Stubley on Vimeo.


THE GARDEN HOUSE - Birth Place of George Markham Tweddell
As you approach Stokesley from the North Yorkshire village of Great Ayton, you pass the place of George Markham Tweddell's birth. (This is not shown in the film but the photo's are from Paul Tweddell's book "Poor Lives but Full of Honour"). (Note : this is a work in progress, so the full commentary will follow after I've put in the photographs - be patient!)
The Garden House roof can be seen 1 mile from Stokesley
this view is looking towards the village of Great Ayton.

The Garden House - Birthplace of George Markham Tweddell

ROSE COTTAGE ( The Town House)
Family home and office of George Markham Tweddell
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This is family home and shop of one of GMT's sons and is opposite the Town House in what was Commercial Street (now Bridge Street).
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The family printing shop in Stokesley
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This shop has a long history of being a printing shop for a number of 19th C printer publishers including Briathwaites, with who GMT served his apprenticeship until dismissed after pressure from the conservative gentry for running a popular radical newspaper.
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On his mother's side, the Tweddell family held sway in this part of Stokesley. The footage will show the rough location of a shop, mansion, farm and cottages and a walk way linked to or built by the Tweddell family. It will also show the Masonic hall, designed by GMT and the location the Pratt's family home and printing works ( the biggest printer's in Stokesley)
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This footage shows the rough location of the childhood home of his wife Elizabeth Tweddell (Cole) and Preston School which rejected GMT and a view of the Church where Tweddell ancestors are buried.
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Pack horse bridge, Methodist chapel, Home of the Markham's. (Photos and blurb to come to this)

Gravestone of George and Elizabeth Tweddell
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Not on film but relating to the schooling of GMT
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