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Rhymes and Sketches to Illustrate the Cleveland Dialect - Florence Cleveland (Elizabeth Tweddell) 1875

Rhymes and Sketches to Illustrate the Cleveland Dialect - Florence Cleveland.

View or download the pdf of the book free on this page (see below).

Elizabeth Tweddell aka Florence Cleveland (wife of George Markham Tweddell) was a popular poet and writer in her own right. Her book Rhymes and Sketches to Illustrate the Cleveland Dialect first published in 1875 was reprinted in 1892 and again 1903. The book and the poems is still of interest to readers today and recently the popular Stockton folk duo Megson, named their first album after one her poems in this book - Take Thyself A Wife and set the poem to music as a contemporary folk song.

Both Elizabeth and George were keen on preserving the Cleveland dialect through verse and prose at a time when the dialect was beginning to die out. Elizabeth, like George, had many non dialect poems and stories published in magazines and newspapers in the UK, Australia, Europe and the USA. We have collected together many of George's and published them here on this site, via note books found by the Tweddell family .We don't have any notebooks for Elizabeth but poems that have been found are posted on this site in the page above entitled Florence Cleveland where you will also find more information on Elizabeth Tweddell.

You can read more of  Florence Cleveland on this page - also on this site - along with photos and other information http://georgemarkhamtweddell.blogspot.co.uk/p/florence-cleveland.html

Here is Megson singing Take Thy Self a Wife (the original dialect version is in this book)

NEWS - Megson have used another one of Elizabeth Tweddell (Florence Cleveland's dialect poems for one of their songs on the album The Logshot. They've recorded a beautiful version of Elizabeth's poem Two Match Lads (in the Cleveland dialect written as Twaa Match Lads. The poems is and in the book attached.

And you can listen and download the Megson track Two Match Lads here - a North East song about poverty.

Here is a link to the full song by Megson


And here is the book (You can enlarge the view or download it off Google Drive)
Rhymes and Sketches to Illustrate the Cleveland Dialect - Florence Cleveland.

To download the file - click the arrow which takes you to Google Drive 
When it opens - click the black arrow screen left to download to your computer or for some - Click File and then click download in the menu and the tick Save.

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