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Tweddell's North of England Illustrated Annual - Extracts

From Paul Tweddell's collection of materials relating to George Markham Tweddell -

This PDF file (downloadable via Google Drive) contain extract pages from Tweddell's North of England Illustrated Annual - 1879 -80 

These extracts contain poems by the following -

  • Mrs G. Tweddell - aka Elizabeth Tweddell or Florence Cleveland- In Memorium / Saint Hilda's Bells (A Whitby Legend)/ Introduction to a Christmas Pantomimeof "Robinson Crusoe"
  • Jabez Cole - Sonnet Written in Ingleby-Greenhow Church Yard / The Marble Monument.
  • T.P. Williamson - "Suffered Under Pontius Pilate" / 
  • Henry Wade - Come Where Sing The Little Rills.
  • William Henry Charlton - Old English Romance of Havelok the Dane (extract) and full poem NOW" AND "OF OLD"
Note - GMT wrote about Jabez Cole in his book The Bards and Authors of Cleveland and South Durham 1872.

The following essays or short stories appear in these pages - 

  • John Reed Appleton FSA by Peter Proletarius (One of Tweddell's pen names) (an extract).
  • North of England Notes - George Markham Tweddell - the essay discusses the 
  • History of the Dunmow Flitch of Bacon Custom by Mr Williams Andrews of Hull FRHS (more on this custom below) / 
  • A Portrait of the late Matthew Greathead, the Centenarian Freemason from High Coniscliffe on the banks of the Tees Nr Darlington. / 
  • Patent Safety Detaching Hook invented by Mr William Walker, mining engineer of Saltburn by the Sea. /  North Yorkshire Miners Association. 
  • History of the Craft of Freemasonry in Cumberland and Westmoreland by bro. WF Lamonby PM, P. Prov. G. Reg. / 
  • American Newspapers and English Journals /
  • Literary Reminiscences and Gleanings Mr Proctor /
  • History of the Darlington and Barnard Castle Railway - Mr Atkinson of the Teesdale Mercury.
  • White Star Line of Steamers - Official Guide / 
  • The Tragedy of Antigona - Theatre Royal, Newcastle / ...............
  • Inscription on "The Wainstones," Broughton Bank - Peter Proletarius (ie Tweddell)
  • Old Gregory's Ghost - Or How Mr Playfair spent Christmas Eve at Buffing Hall - Oliver Louis Tweddell (Extract)
  • Title pages to The Story of Count Ulaski - Miss Elizabeth Colling aka Eta Mawr of Hurworth on Tees
John Appleton Reed was written about in Tweddell's Bards and Authors of Cleveland and South Durham 1972 and Eta Mawr (Elizabeth Collings)was earmarked for the proposed second volume of Bards and Authors - the second volume never appeared although the notes towards would have been lost in the Stokesley floods of the 1930's when many of Tweddells notes, in the cellar of Rose Cottage (The Townhouse) were sadly destroyed posthumously.

Here are the extracts - Pdf of Tweddell's North of England Illustrated Annual 1879 / 80

To download the file - click the arrow which takes you to Google Drive 
When it opens - click the black arrow screen left to download to your computer. or for some - Click File and then click download in the menu and the tick Save.

More information on some of the material -

The History of the Dunmow Flitch of Bacon Custom

In 2010 before Paul Tweddell passed away he was preparing the third volume of George Markham Tweddell's collected poems for publication. We had collected them from his many published poems in magazines and Newspapers and in his books along and also from unpublished manuscript books.Just when we thought we had them all another volume appeared donated by another relative - volume three and available on posts on this site. Paul suspected there might be more poems yet still and asked relatives to look thorough any material they may have. So far nothing more has come to light but he was certainly far more prolific than we had imagined. It was at this time I came across of another Tweddell poem that we hadn't got in our collection - Dunmow Priory and Flitch. I couldn't find the poem on line but sent Paul some information about the custom. The other day I created this post and found a review of William Andrews book on Dunmow in Tweddell's Illustrated Annual and assumed it was book review instead of a poem. Today I was researching another aspect of Tweddell's work and I came across William Andrews book available as a free download or viewable on line - here

To my surprise the long lost Tweddell poem is in this book along with one by his wife - Elizabeth Tweddell aka Florence Cleveland. Both poems have now been added to this post below along with some graphics from the book illustrating the Dunmow custom. 

"A common claim of the origin of the Dunmow Flitch dates back to 1104 and the Augustinian Priory of Little Dunmow, founded by Lady Juga Baynard. Lord of the Manor Reginald Fitzwalter and his wife dressed themselves as humble folk and begged blessing of the Prior a year and a day after marriage.
The Prior, impressed by their devotion bestowed upon them a Flitch of Bacon (a side of bacon). Upon revealing his true identity, Fitzwalter gave his land to the Priory on the condition a Flitch should be awarded to any couple who could claim they were similarly devoted.
By the 14th century, the Dunmow Flitch Trials had achieved far-reaching notoriety. The author William Langland, who lived on the Welsh borders, mentions it in his 1362 book 'The Vision of Piers Plowman' in a manner that implies general knowledge of the custom among his readers." Read More here

Elizabeth Tweddell's poem

Little Dunmow - Priory Lodge

In North of England Notes by George Markham Tweddell p 18 in the pdf he mentions the Illustrated London News - here's a sample of  the publication - but first some added pages and graphics from William Andrew's book -

From Tweddell's Bards and Authors  of Cleveland and South Durham 1872

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