Thursday, May 16, 2013

William Mason - Poet of Guisborough c 1840's

In 1844, George Markham Tweddell published his series Tweddell's Yorkshire Miscellany - 
An English man's Magazine. We present two separate articles from the series on Guisborough poet William Mason.

Tweddell writes "Should the Yorkshire Miscellany do nothing more than rescue the memory of this great, but ill-fated genius from oblivion; should it only make Yorkshiremen aquainted with the merits of one of themselves, over whose mortal remains the green grass has now grown for some years, whilst his countrymen were ignorant of the nobel spirit, the comprehensive mind, that once inhabited that frail tenement; should the Yorkshire Miscellany only achieve this one object, and then totally disappear from the literary world, we would not consider our humble labours altogether fruitless."

Well Dear Tweddell, over a 160 years later your article and the story of Guisborough poet William Mason is once again available, this time on the world wide web!

The two articles with examples of Mason's poetry are here below in this PDF file - which can be enlarged or downloaded free if you click back to Google Drive.

At the end of each article there is a poem by another poet -
Alone At Eve by Charles Swain and The Fair Lunatic by Edward Marsh Heavisides.

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