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A Story for Boys - Anent the Proposed Tees Bridge. Elizabeth Tweddell 1871
A story by Elizabeth Tweddell (Florence Cleveland) that depicts Stockton and Middlesbrough (Middy) as two brothers who fight over proposals for a new tees bridge in Middlesbrough - early proposals for a transporter bridge I think.

Tweddell Poetry Hub (New)
New Hub for all links to Tweddell's full collection and blogspots with selected poems on various themes.

"Cleveland's Great Commoner" - George Markham Tweddell, Chartist and 'Friend of the People' who Spanned Two Centuries by Dave Walsh 
"A year or so back I made brief mention of an historic local individual who, I firmly believe, warrants and deserves a far higher degree of attention from local Socialists than is presently the case.I refer to George Markham Tweddell.." This essay by Dave Walsh appears on his site People's Republic of Teesside.
Cleveland - Blank Verse Poem by John Reed Appleton 1882
This poem seems to be looking out from the Wainstones on the North Yorkshire Moors towards Roseberry Topping and Hartlepool etc.

Howley Hall - John Ryley Robinson 1874  From Tractates

Halifax Gibbet and Gibbet Law - John Ryley Robinson 1877
Halifax Gibbet and Gibbet Law by John Ryley Robinson was published in Tweddell's North of England Tractates No 8 1871

Towton - Battle of England's Civil Wars - John Ryley Robinson
Towton - on the Battle of England's Civill Warres (spelling as on the Tract) by John Ryley Robinson North of England Tractates No 18 in 1877.

Saxon Cross Church at Dewsbury - John Ryley Robinson 1872
This history appeared in Tweddell's North of England Tractates No12 1872

A Voice from 'Flood and Fell' James Gregor Grant 1877
A Voice from 'Flood and Fell' was written by James Gregor Grant (J.G.Grant) c 1877 for the and published also in Tweddell's North of England Tractates No 17.

This is from Tweddell's North of England Tractates No3 1869. John Reed Appleton has been written about in depth by George Markham Tweddell - they were walking companions and both active poets.

Eta Mawr - Old Woman of Elton and Story of Count Ulaski
George Markham Tweddell was intending to include Eta Mawr (Elizabeth Colling) in the 2nd volume of the Bards and Authors of Cleveland. an extended poem called The Old Old Woman of Elton (A true Ballad of Modern Times), published in Tractates No6 1869 - a few years before the first Bards and Authors volume came out. It tells the tale of Mary Benton (whose maiden name was Lodge) who, if she had lived one month longer, would have completed her hundred and twenty second year.

The Cleveland Knight (Origin of English Alum Making) M. H. Dale (about Sir Thomas Chaloner, The Younger)
The Cleveland Knight - The Origin of English Alum Making by Maurice H. Dale
from Tweddell's North of England Tractates 1874 (Identified as Sir Thomas Chaloner The Younger)

Yorkshire Worthies - John Ryley Robinson (Poem - Tweddell Tractates No 5)
This poem was in George Markham Tweddell's Tractates No 5 from the Tweddell family collection. John Riley Robinson reveals the extent of poets and writers of Yorkshire in 19th Century - many from the Cleveland area which Tweddell wrote about in Bards and Authors of Cleveland and South Durham 1872

Tweddell's Cleveland Poems
Although all of George Markham Tweddell's are in 2 pdf files on this blog, I've created a blogspot for all his poems relating to his native Cleveland, to make them easier to find and available for researchers and to illustrate them with pictorially and with links to further information.

Tweddell's North of England Tractates
This is a list of George Markham Tweddell's North of England Tractates. As I put the tractates on, either themselves or as part of the Tweddell poetry collection - I will provide a direct link here.

Old Cleveland - Local Writers and Local Worthies 1886 W.H. Burnett Following on from Tweddell's Bards and Authors of Cleveland and South Durham book, Burnett augments the pantheon of local writers and argues that 'hereabouts, in North Yorkshire, English literature had its early beginnings with the Celtic bard Anuerin, Caedmon and Beowulf. Free download available.

Bards and Authors of Cleveland and South Durham 1872 PDF - George Markham Tweddell
Download the original copy free. 37 poets and writers in the area from 500 AD to 1800's.

JOHN WATKINS (1808-1858) - Poet / Chartist / Playwright - by Malcolm Chase Professor of Social History at Leeds University. Watkins was married to Ebenezer Elliott's (Corn Law Rhymer) daughter.

Modern Yorkshire Tractates - Editor Paul Tweddell In 2008 when we collated Tweddell's poetry for the booklets, Paul Tweddell a smaller chapbook of his favourite poems by George with additional notes and background on the poems. They are presented here.

Tweddell's History of Middlesbrough 1890 Tweddell's magnificent history of Middlesbrough from Bulmers North Yorkshire directory, much praised by historian Asa Briggs. Has an extended pre-history on Middlesbrough that goes far beyond the 'one farmhouse' theory and great description of the developing industries as he witnessed them in parts.

The History of the Stockton and Darlington Railway...Tweddell's History of the Stockton and Darlington Railway - Another of Tweddell's books for free download.

KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE. By Brother A. J. H. Duganne...An American masonic poem which was reprinted in England by Tweddell

Shakespeare, His Times and His Conteporaries 1852 ... One of Tweddell's most popular books for free download.

Tales, Poems and Masonic Papers by Emra Holmes (Tw... Another book for free download with contributions from Tweddell.

Henry Heaviside - Stockton Printer, Poet,Musician,... A look at the biography of Henry Heavisides, poet, historian, radical and historian printer from Stockton, drawing on Tweddell's biography of his.

A Glance at the History of Stokesley - GM Tweddell...From Tweddell's People's History of Cleveland series - this article gives a history of Stokesley, North Yorkshire.

Angus MacPherson and George Markham Tweddell Looks into the relationship between Middlesbrough radical poet Angus Macpherson and Tweddell with Macpherson's magnificent Poetry of  Toil published by Tweddell in the Tractates and other poems.

Tweddell in Modern Yorkshire Poets - William Andre... Free download of William Andrew's anthology in which both George and Elizabeth Tweddell have poems in and a bio.

Norrisson Cavendish Scatcherd's letter to G.M. Twe... This post conveys a rare letter written to Tweddell by Norrison Cavendish Scatherd who was a contributor to one of Tweddell's publications.

Captain Cook's Monument, Easby Moor. The Mystery B... This is an exploratory post which looks into the mysterious proposals for siting a pyramid on Roseberry Topping dedicated to Captain Cook and finally an obelisk on Easyby Moor which came out of research into Tweddell's poetry.

Ebenezer Elliott and George Markham Tweddell This post looks at the relationship between Ebenezer Elliott, the Poor law Rhymer and Tweddell, involving an exchange of letters and poems.

Redcar, Coatham and Saltburn - Tweddell's Visitor'... Tweddell's book which takes a geographical, historical and poetic look at Redcar, Coatham, Marske and Saltburn. The book is available on this post as a free pdf download.

Collected Poems of George Markham Tweddell vols 1 ... In 2008 Paul Tweddell set about collecting as much of George Markham Tweddell's poetry, from world magazines, newspaper, his books and unpublished manuscript books and there was surprisingly a lot - enough to fill three books of varied styles and content. A very interesting collection and also useful to local and other historians. These poems are available on this post  as Free pdf downloads.

Rhymes and Sketches to Illustrate the Cleveland Di.. Florence Cleveland (Elizabeth Tweddell's) book of dialect poetry - Rhymes and Sketches to Illustrate the Cleveland Dialect. A very popular book in its day and availble as a free pdf download.

Tweddell in Horsfall Turner's Yorkshire Bibliograp... An essay on the Tweddell's after Horsfall Turner visted the pair at Rose Cottage, Stokesley. Contains a lot of biographical information, woodcuts and poems from the pair.

Rudby School, Hutton Rudby. John Jackson, William ... A look at Tweddell's education, especially in relation to the William Sanderson for who he wrote a long poem as tribute which is in the post and a poem on Rosebury Topping Fox Hunt from his publications, by the former school master of Rudby school (Hutton Rudby) John Jackson.

Tweddell's North of England Illustrated Annual - E... Extracts from this Tweddell publication including The History of the Dunmow Flitch of Bacon Custom with both George and Elizabeth Tweddell's poems on the custom and the free download pdf version of William Andrews book on the subject, along with other extracts.

Stokesley News and Cleveland Reporter A look at Tweddell's radical newspaper created when he was only 19 and which was subject of the 2nd Stokesley paper war between the radicals and the Conservatives in the town.

A Poet’s view of George Markham Tweddell ( Trev Teasdel
This is the introduction to Tweddell's Collected Poetry and looks at varied styles and content of his poetry with pointers for further research.

An Outline of the Life of George Markham Tweddell By Paul Tweddell

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