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Tales, Poems and Masonic Papers by Emra Holmes (Tweddell Publication 1877)

George Markham Tweddell (1823 - 1903) was, among his many activities for the betterment of humanity, openly a life long member of the Loyal Cleveland Lodge of Freemasons in Stokesley. His wide ranging poetry included the book One Hundred Masonic Sonnets - made available for view here  -  He was intensely proud of the Craft and its principles  - in the introduction William Andrews writes -

"Brother Tweddell is sincere in his enthusiasm for the Craft. "Freemasonry" says he in his preface " is dearer to me than any other thing I know of, because, in my conception of it, it comprises all true religion and morality ; all family, social and national duties; all genuine philanthropy, literature, science, and art ; in brief, all that can endear man to man, and make us more like the Grand Geometrician of the Universe, in whose service alone is felicity for the human race." This is a far loftier ideal of freemasonry than we are wont to find even among Masonic enthusiasts; and yet, without going as far as the talented author of these sonnets, we readily admit that there is a vast amount of truth in it; Freemasonry is capable of making men good and noble; it could not be otherwise what it is claimed to be  - a system of morality"

His sonnets therefore outline his ideal for Freemasonry.

Although the principles of freemasonry imbue much of Tweddell's work, other works specifically aimed at the Masonic brotherhood included 
The Odd Fellows Reciter and Fireside Companion 

Published 1877 by Tweddell and Sons.

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Contents of this book are below 

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